Cortaderia Selloana


  • Size: 5 Litre
  • Positioning: Full sun
  • Soil moisture: Well drained
  • Flowering Period: August
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Ultimate Height: 3m
  • Ultimate Spread: 1.5m

Cortaderia Selloana commonly known as White Pampas Grass is a clump forming, evergreen grass plant which has long, narrow leaves which are often a light blue tinge, although can also be grey in colouring. Lightly toothed on the edges which move freely in the wind. In the month of August the Cortaderia Selloana will produce these tall erect stems which have pure white flower plumes, feather like creating a lovely focus.

Being evergreen the Selloana provides year round interest and is great for suiting a variety of garden types and planting schemes. Often planted alone where it will grow into a specimen plant, although can suit well flower beds and mixed borders where it will create height, colour and movement.

Cortaderia Selloana care

The Cortaderia Selloana thrives in a sunny, warm area of the garden with well drained soil. Being generally disease and pest free and a low maintenance plant makes the Selloana a perfect plant for beginner and expert gardeners alike. A simple prune once a year will encourage a healthy bushy growth, in the month of February cut back the erect flower stems.