The ultimate gardening to do list this June

June is one of our favourite months! Not only do we have everything crossed for sunny and warmer weather, we can actually take a step back and admire the garden and wildlife which we have been working so hard to achieve. Have a huge pat on the back from us for making your garden yours.

If you haven’t kept on top of the gardening and jobs this year, don’t worry.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on blooming species and varieties that can provide you with instant impact! We go into detail near to the end of this post, the perfect flowering plants this month for instant colour and impact!

General gardening jobs in June

  • Increase lawn care this month, maintaining the length by mowing weekly at a minimum, for optimal results use a good feed, but mow twice a week.
  • Regularly de-weed your borders to prevent the growth of weeds in between the plants, we would recommend using a hoe.
  • Now the risk of frosts have passed, now is the time to plant out your hanging baskets and containers.

June Hanging Basket

  • Stake any tall, weaker plants. As the perennials begin to grow heavy foliage and flowers they may fall, so stake them against a tall bamboo cain to encourage a strong, upright growth.
  • If possible, try to shade the greenhouse slightly to prevent scorching plants, and making sure to open up the windows fully now with the warmer weather.

Flower garden jobs

  • To prolong certain plants flowering this month, continue to deadhead.
  • Snowdrop leaves will begin to turn a yellow colour, now is the time to lift and divide these.
  • With the warmer weather, soils will dry out faster so make sure to keep newly planted shrubs well watered and nourished.
  • Pinch out Fuchsias to encourage better blooms and bushy growth.
  • Cut lavender plants in the month of June for cooking and baking.

Stunning flowers this month

With the beautiful weather now upon us, the flowers are blooming like there is no tomorrow! In June we are treated with a plethora of stunning flowers and colours in the garden. A few of the gardening gems to keep an eye out for are:

Astilbe plants

Buddleja plants

Hydrangea plants

Geranium plants


Have a question?

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