We have set out on a challenge to provide the highest quality plants on the market. And to do that we have a team of highly experienced gardeners and nursery owners who know a thing or two about growing plants and gardening knowledge.

Our aim is to share this information with everyone. We understand alot of garden centres and online garden centres dont provide enough help and advice to individuals, be them experienced or beginner gardeners and thats where we are different. We are going to build one the leading gardening help and advice section on the web whilst supplying the quality plants to help!

– Our plan is to develop monthly gardening check lists so you don’t miss a thing in the current month, which will be emailed monthly.

– Video how to guides, our nursery team will help teach you the basics but also the expert, more complex jobs many ignore or are too scared to carry out.

– designer garden insights, read up on the latest gardening trends, design colours and show gardens from across the world… we guarantee you’ll find something you want in your garden!

– Planting advice; identifying the perfect plants for specific areas in your garden… simple and stress free

And much much more…

As we are very much customer focussed we want to hear from you regarding your gardening issues, what you want to learn about and what articles and help to guides you would read.

Email us using the following email and we will look to help! Want to keep up to date? Sign up for our newsletter here: (and receive a nice 10% off your next order!)