Carex Evergold


Plant Information

  • Size: 3 Litre
  • Positioning: Full sun, partial shade
  • Soil moisture: Moist, well drained
  • Flowering Period: April to June
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Ultimate Height: 0.5m
  • Ultimate Spread: 0.5m

Carex Evergold commonly known as Japanese Sedge is a tufted, evergreen grass plant which creates a clump of stunning, bright colours. The leaves are long, arching and mid green edged with a striking summer yellow stripe running through the centre. In April through until June the Carex Evergold will bloom erect stems with inconspicuous, brown feathery flower heads. The real star of the show on this grass plant is the foliage, providing all year round interest and yellow colours. Keep that summer feel in the garden all year!

Planting locations include almost anywhere you have a little bit of space in your garden, a great all rounder suiting flower beds and borders, banks or slopes and many more. Further making a good container plant where the Carex can be grown in a garden without grass or balcony with warm weather. Suiting many planting schemes and garden types.

Carex Evergold care

Plant the Carex Evergold in a a sunny, partially shaded area of the garden with moist, well drained soils where it will thrive. Generally disease free and little pruning makes the Evergold a popular choice with both beginner and expert gardeners alike. In winter months, simply comb the plants foliage to remove the dead or damaged leaves.